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Originally formed for video, visual effect and sound into companies such MAD, IMAGINE and AZtech in the early 90's for tv Show & tv advertising, i turned few years ago to photography. I start my carrier with famous Jazz artists such Movie music Composer Lalo Schiffrin (Dirty Harry, Mission Impossible, Steve McQueen'sBullit...), Pierre Boussaguet (Diana Krall), Kyle Eastwood, Fredrika Stahl... Later, i change my view to Inde Rock music and had great collaborations with famous scandinevian bands such THE HELLOCOPTERS, BABY WOODROSE, THE FLAMING SIDEBURNS... when finally, I moved a step up and share my vision with international stars of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal such NIGHTWISH, PAIN, AMORPHIS, SCAR SYMMETRY, HYPOCRISY, NILE, SONIC SYNDICATE etc..
Sinces 2 years, i am enlarging my point of view and got opportunities to work with french celebrity such Hubert Felix Thiefaine, Guillaume Grand, Stefi Celma , Fredrika Stahl etc... for SonyMusic, EMI.... At the same time, i've been studing Movie'sTHX Sound Technology from LuscasFILM with Skywalker studio's crew, and i been succefully graduated with 3 levels. But recently, i decided to come back also to video, as Director of Photography (DOP), or Camera operator, Editor, Executive producer, and also as director for EPK and Music video, for inde and Majors records companies with succesfull millions hits on youtube... DGP is nowadays a unique combination of freelancers artists (director, visual effects supervisor, camera operator, editor) from europe joining them skills to my, and do everything to make your dreams true !